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Which Heavy Duty Loading Ramp Is Best For Me?

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

Have you ever wondered if you are using the correct ramp for your heavy duty loads? It can sometimes be hard to tell which ramp would be the best for you. Let’s talk about the kind of ramps there are and what you’ll need to go with those specific ones.

Forklift and yard ramp

These ramps are made specifically for you to use a forklift to load and unload your loads from loading docks, trailers, higher platforms, and more whenever you aren’t able to access a dock. These will have wheels to help with stability and have a weight capacity between 15,000 pounds and 30,000 pounds. You can use these with or without a level off.

Step deck trailer ramp and levelers

(Also known as a drop deck trailer)

These are the most popular and are designed for heavy equipment such as cars, wheel loaders, trucks, and even tractors making them extremely versatile. Typically, they have an upper and lower deck that can drop down. They are made out of a durable, lightweight material, aluminum. These have a weight capacity of 20,000 pounds or 23,000 pounds per axle.

Equipment and Bobcat ramp

These ramps are made for tough conditions. They withstand wobbling machines such as a dump truck, skid steer, or a Bobcat. These are used commonly for commercial-grade equipment. The weight capacity ranges from 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds. They are also made out of a durable and lightweight material, aluminum. These ramps have an easy set up and take down.

Car and truck loading ramp

These ramps have a serrated rung surface making them ideal for any wet or snowy conditions. The punch plates are perforated making them perfect for traction. These are great for loading/unloading cars and trucks on trailers. They work perfectly with multiple types of trailers such as flatbeds and other high capacity trailers. The weight capacity is between 2,000 pounds and 12,000 pounds.

What accessories will I need to go with my new ramp?

  • Deckmate Ladder– Easily hooks onto rub-rails. These work with dump trucks, straight trucks, and trailers.
  • Heavy duty chain– Secures heavy equipment during transport.
  • Heavy duty chain hook– Hooks onto the chain for more support.
  • Lockable truck trailer loading ramp hangers– Optimizes space when not in use, lets you store below a truck trailer.
  • Load leveler– Also allows for storage under a truck trailer.
  • Portable loading docks/platforms– Provides maneuverability when you aren’t using a ramp with a level off.

The Deckmate Ladder from Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas

Gateway Supply is the U.S. distributor of Deckmate Ladder. This ladder is used by military branches, the mining industry, and truckers across the country. Contact us at (806) 440-1126 or Visit our Website to learn more about our Products.