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What You Need To Know To Become A Successful Truck Driver

Friday, August 6th, 2021
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Truck drivers do more than sit behind the wheel and ship goods all over the country. They operate some of the largest vehicles on the planet, while navigating through inclement weather and cities not designed for their weight or size. These drivers operate under a comprehensive regulatory regime managed by federal and state governments and insurance companies.

Federal Regulations and Company Pressure

Federal trucking regulations bind truck drivers. These laws govern how long they can work and  what, when, and where they can haul. Drivers need to navigate these regulations to ensure that they remain compliant and their commercial licenses aren’t revoked. Also, truckers are placed under two competing pressures. First, from their dispatcher or clients who need them to deliver goods on time – regardless of road conditions such as closures or accidents. Second, safety regulators restrict how long truckers can operate their vehicles. Many professionals, even independent truckers, are under constant strain balancing these two forces.


On top of all those pressures, trucker training emphasizes defensive driving and safety. Truck drivers are encouraged above everything else to drive safely. These massive trucks are larger than commercial passenger vehicles, so when they get into a collision with one or more other vehicles, the results can be devastating. Commercial vehicles are hauling their mass in the material, which is difficult to keep under control in the best of circumstances.

Safety practices aren’t limited to driving and hauling loads. Truck drivers should know how to load and unload their hauls safely, as well as how to move around their trucks to avoid falls, crush injuries, and other accidents.

Driving Record

Truckers must earn a commercial-grade driver’s license. Different types of licenses authorize truckers to operate certain trucks and sizes. The larger the truck, the more difficult it is to earn the commercial license. Truckers are also under strict zero-tolerance rules. They must complete safety tests and certifications, and cannot have any DUIs or other major moving violations, or their license could be revoked.


The dispatcher is the trucker’s best friend. Truckers need to remember and account for a substantial amount of information including departure and arrival times, fuel stop locations, weight checks, and safety compliance. Truckers need to record and note many different pieces of information throughout their journey. The dispatcher guides them to the best routes, advises possible roadway issues such as accidents or obstructions, and alerts the trucker if they missed something. Dispatchers are the backbone of every trucker’s success, and they are crucial to ensuring that they stay on time and safe.

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