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What Accessories Do I Need For My Truck?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
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Driving a full 12-hour shift can cause discomfort. An uncomfortable, tired driver will likely be less productive and get into traffic accidents. Being a responsible truck driver means being prepared for various situations such as fatigue, storms, inspections, and other road and weather emergencies. Many accessories are available to drivers these days, but what items are necessary? Here are 6 basic tools every truck driver should have on a long haul.

Safety Sensors

This kind of safety equipment allows drivers to keep an eye on road conditions by monitoring the surface temperature and outside air temperature while driving at normal highway speeds. Long-distance drivers know the peril of icy streets. This safety equipment system will help you stay aware of possible dangers and help you avoid accidents.

Device Mounts for Smartphones

Everyone has a smartphone now, and they are handy for correspondence and navigation. However, truckers shouldn’t use them while driving. Device mounts offer easy access for voice-activated calls and texts as well as control over the navigation system. There are several types such as magnetic phone mounts, dash/windshield mounts, vent mounts, and CD slot–mounts. Whatever type you choose is a step towards safe travel.

Mattresses and Sleeping Bags

Being well-rested is paramount in safe truck driving. Having a mattress and sleeping bag of good quality is beneficial when you’ve got a break at a rest area or truck stop. If you have space for it, some mattresses are constructed especially for truck cabs and provide the comfort required to ensure truck drivers get the necessary rest needed for travel. Truck sleep areas and beds are not standard sizes. A classic fitted sheet doesn’t work on custom-size truck mattresses and can be ill-fitting and come loose. A sleeping bag requires nothing more than being rolled out and used and is easily rolled back up when not in use. Sleeping bags are more convenient than sheets and blankets.

Document Holders

Losing track of important documents like insurance, ID cards, and other required paperwork is a hassle that truckers can easily avoid. A good truck document holder can help you avoid wasting time searching for your documents and problems that may arise if you lose them. A proper document holder can help keep you organized on the road and will provide dry and secure storage for packing slips, manifests, and other important papers. Your document holder should be in an easily accessible location.


Ergonomic seating is critical to the performance and career longevity of truckers, but lousy support can contribute to back issues such as sciatica and other health concerns. As a trucker, you must have a seat cushion that supports your body properly during the long hours sitting in the driver’s seat. Seat cushions can break down from hours of use, so drivers need to choose a quality seat meant for semi-trucks.

Trailer Ladder

When accessing your trailer, the most advantageous tool (besides those available at loading docks) is a trailer safety ladder. A safety ladder hooks up to the trailer and lets you go up and down safely. Deckmate folding portable ladders are created for safe access to truck trailers. They eliminate the need for jumping off trailers and from climbing up tires or bumpers. The trailer ladder attaches to the truck in a way that prevents it from blowing over in the wind. These ladders are small enough to be folded and stored in your truck’s side tool box.

We at Gateway Supply encourage truck drivers to be prepared for a myriad of problems and emergencies. We want you to be ready with beneficial accessories and kits that will provide their comfort and safety. You can contact us or call us at 806-440-1126 if you have any questions about our safety ladders.