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Using Trailer Ladders To Climb On And Off Flatbed Trailers

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Construction workers and commercial truck drivers often climb on and off flatbed trailers in order to pull supplies and equipment from various shipments. It is a difficult task to safely climb onto a flatbed trailer, as there are many slippery surfaces, few handholds, and inadequate steps.

Workers often dismount their trailers by jumping off of them. This step is taken because it is the quickest way to get down. There is often not an incorporated method for getting off a trailer utilizing three point contact either.

Hundreds of accidents occur because of falls from flatbed trailers. These accidents can permanently injure or kill a worker, and can cost a company millions. Deckmate Ladders offer a solution to the potential dangers of climbing on and off flatbed trailers. Read on to learn more about these ladders, how they prevent accidents, and the many benefits they provide.

How flatbed trailer safety ladders work

Workers are able to maintain three point contact by using a flatbed safety ladder, such as the Deckmate Ladder, to climb a flatbed trailer. Using this trailer ladder greatly reduces the chance of a slip or fall. The lightweight Deckmate Ladder can be hung off the rub rails or installed using a bracket.

To use the ladder, the worker unfolds it and lifts it up so the hooks are inside the rub rails of the flatbed trailer. The grab handle of the Deckmate Ladder is inserted into the holder so the worker can maintain three point contact. This flatbed trailer safety ladder is made with an anti-slip grating to reduce the worker’s contact with potentially slippery surfaces.

The benefits of using trailer safety ladders

Flatbed trailer safety ladders reduce awkward postures associated with climbing a trailer by using the wheels and bumper to gain support, reducing injury and discomfort. The force of jumping from an elevated surface can cause damage to the joints. With a flatbed ladder the risk of injury to the knee, back, and ankles is reduced.

Another benefit to the utilization of a trailer safety product like the Deckmate Ladder is improved productivity. This ladder is portable and easy to use, allowing workers to maneuver on their flatbed trailers quickly and efficiently.

Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas

Drivers and workers jumping from flatbed and semi trailers, heavy equipment, or vans put a high impact force on the joints that can cause damage. With this type of impact, there is also an increased risk of slips or falls. Finding the best trailer safety solution can help you prevent injuries now and in the future.

If you would like more information about trailer safety, contact Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas today. We are the U.S. distributor of the The Deckmate Ladder. You can call us at (806) 440-1126 or Contact Us by email to learn more about our flatbed trailer safety ladders.