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Unique Truck Driver Gift Ideas You May Not Have Considered

Monday, November 19th, 2018
truck driver gift ideas

It’s that time of year again to start thinking of gift ideas for those on your gift list. Whether you are buying for your spouse, a relative, or a good friend, having a gift to fit their lifestyle is always fun to give. Living on the road is a tough life and holidays are especially difficult for truckers who are not at home with their families. Last time we showed you some awesome everyday gifts for the truck driver in your life. This list has some unique ideas that you may not have considered.

An air ionizer

An air ionizer is able to purify the air in a truck cab by electrically charging air molecules. These devices use ions to remove microbes, odors, and particulates from the air, unlike other purifiers that use filters and fans.

The air ionizer is able to remove other contaminants such as mold, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, soot, and bacteria. When a driver is able to breathe fresh, clean air, they can stay more alert. An air ionizer can be plugged right into the truck’s cigarette lighter, so there is no need for batteries or a power inverter.

Polarized sunglasses

gift idea for truckers

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful to the eyes. These rays are responsible for cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye conditions. Studies show that by wearing polarized sunglasses, the risk of developing cataracts can be reduced by twenty percent. Truck drivers who continuously look into the sun can enjoy wearing polarized sunglasses all year round. These glasses can reduce glare from the road or other vehicles as well as provide protection.

A power supply

Having a power supply like an AC inverter will make things more convenient for the truck driver in your life. They can charge devices, use portable appliances like coffee makers, and use electric blankets with this gift. A power supply will provide a more luxurious lifestyle. Before you buy one as a gift, be sure to do some research and ask an expert which would be best for a commercial truck.

A tablet

There are more than three million truck drivers in the United States that rely on GPS and maps to do their jobs. The trucking industry has come to realize the convenience of having a cab navigation system such as those installed on most tablets.

One of the best features on a tablet for any truck driver is the turn-by-turn navigation systems built into the device. Some apps will also alert drivers to low bridges or roads that carry weight restrictions or direct them to paths that can lead straight to their destination.

Tablets can be a form of entertainment when truck drivers have to wait for loads or spend the night away from home as well. During down times, they can video chat with family and friends, stream a movie, play games, or watch live TV. Many of these devices come with 4G internet, so drivers don’t have to search for WiFi.

A microwave

It is economical for a truck driver to use a microwave when they spend a lot of time away from home. Avoiding restaurant priced meals can help truckers stay on budget and allow them to enjoy home-cooked meals ( even if they are reheated) more often.

There are various models on the market designed specifically for truck drivers that are convenient to use and are portable. Reheating or cooking a meal in a microwave does not take a lot of preparation, cleaning, or moving. This is the perfect gift for someone living their life on-the-go every day.

A mini-fridge

A mini-fridge is the perfect companion gift to the microwave or can be a separate gift. If your truck driver brings home-cooked leftovers to their truck, they can be stored in the fridge and later reheated in the microwave. A refrigerator is also useful to keep beverages cold or to keep foods such as salads and sandwiches fresh. Giving the trucker in your life a mini-fridge gives them more meal options.

A safety ladder

Many truckers don’t realize the damage that can be caused to their knees and back with they jump off their trailer. Even a short distance can cause harm over time. Being safe on the job is a top concern for truck drivers and their families. If your truck driver works frequently, you may want to invest in a safety ladder.

This safety gear makes getting on and off trailer beds, heavy equipment crates, and even vans easier and safer. The Deckmate Ladder hooks securely to the rub-rail of the trailer and stays in place even in bad weather. This tool was designed to prevent injuries from jumping or falling while loading or unloading trucks.

Flatbed trailer safety with Gateway Supply

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