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Truck Driving Mistakes That You Should Never Commit

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022
truck driving

Truck drivers have one of the most challenging and in-demand jobs in America. With the need for dependable workers rising, more and more new professionals are entering the field. This influx of rookie drivers, unfortunately, means more potential for mistakes. Here are the top four truck driving mistakes you should avoid to stay safe throughout your trucking career. 

#1: Driving Too Fast On Steep Hills

Driving too fast in a big rig presents several dangers, especially when it comes to steep hills. While it may be tempting to put the pedal to the metal in order to get up the hill as quickly as possible, this can often lead to accidents. Driving too fast on a steep hill can cause the truck to lose traction and start to slide. In addition, if the truck is carrying a heavy load, the brakes may not be able to handle the strain of stopping downhill. 

As a result, it is always best to take it slow when driving on a steep hill. By obeying the speed limit and using caution, truck drivers can help to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

#2: Driving While Tired

Driving while tired is one of the most well-known truck driving mistakes and also stands as one of the most deadly. Truck drivers face demanding schedules and tightening industry hour restrictions. For this reason, many drivers attempt to push themselves beyond the limit and drive while exhausted. Tired driving doesn’t just put the driver and their truck at risk, it impacts the safety of every other driver on the road as well. So when you feel tired, ensure that you stop and get proper rest before continuing under any circumstances. 

#3: Driving In Unsafe Weather Conditions

Ice, snow, heavy rain, and other conditions make it even more difficult for trucks to stop at high speeds and on steep inclines. If the weather becomes questionable, don’t put yourself at risk. Instead, contact your superiors and make pit stops as necessary to avoid truck accidents. 

#4: Refusing To Follow Weight Limits

Many new and experienced truck drivers try to ignore weight restrictions for their trucks. In fact, many drivers skip weighing stations entirely, an act that is not only unsafe but likely illegal. Improper weight throws the balance of your truck’s machinery off. On the other hand, too much weight can put excess stress on your connections, tires, and brake systems. Both truck driving mistakes place your truck at higher risk for road accidents, brake failures, jackknifing, and other dangers. 

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