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Three Flatbed Trailer Maintenance Tips Every Trucker Should Know

Saturday, December 31st, 2022
flatbed truck maintenance

Performing routine trailer maintenance is an essential part of flatbed trucking. It enhances trucker safety while ensuring the haul reaches its destination blemish-free. Performing the following flatbed trailer maintenance tips will help your trailer maintain its integrity while potentially elongating its lifespan, allowing you to get the most out of your flatbed trailer.

Assess Tire Inflation

Keep your trailer tires rolling smooth and safe by regularly checking their pressure. Check for any punctures or cuts, and make sure the valve stem isn’t damaged. Be mindful of duals, as unnoticed wear and tear can quickly cause issues down the road. Make sure that anything wedged between the tires is cleared right away so it doesn’t become an issue later.

Clean the Landing Gear

Your flatbed’s landing gear makes loading and unloading equipment on your trailer’s beam frame a breeze. However, dirty landing gear makes loading goods on and off your trailer more laborious and time-consuming. Always pressure wash your landing gear and air ride suspension to shorten load times and make the procedure less strenuous. 

Also, lubricate oil fittings and assess connection points to ensure a smooth and easy loading experience. Keeping everything maintained will ensure your equipment remains level.

Check Brakes Often

Regular servicing and inspections of your carrier’s brakes are an essential component to maintaining a safe journey. Depending on the amount of use, routine check-ups should be performed after a few trips. Make sure to check for any wear and tear, corrosion or components that may be stuck. Lubricate the necessary areas for smooth functionality and keep an eye on fluid levels so you can replace them when needed.

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