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The Answer To Safe On And Off Access For Trucks And Trailers

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019
securing loads on a flatbed trailer safely with a flatbed safety ladder

Deckmate Ladders are a portable ladder that will allow you to easily access your truck and trailer. This ladder works well with flatbed trailers, vans, dump trucks, reefers and semi-trailers. It will easily and quickly attach to the rub rail of any trailer so you can climb on or off. This eliminates the dangerous option of jumping from the trailer.

Deckmate Ladder is heavy duty yet easy to handle

The Deckmate Ladder is constructed of steel making it heavy duty, yet it is lightweight making it easy to handle. The weight of the ladder is only 20 pounds and is capable of holding up to 400 pounds. When extended, this product measures 53 inches long and folds to a convenient 33 inches for storage. This ladder is a necessary addition if you work with a flatbed trailer, semi-trailer, van or reefer.

Deckmate Ladder provides extra safety features

Providing safe and sturdy access to your trailer, the Deckmate Ladder attaches to the rub rail and includes a support bar for additional safety. Even if you need to access your trailer during wind or at an uneven angle, the slip resistant steps make your climb safer. This ladder also includes a non-pinch hinge design, so you will not pinch your clothing or fingers. MHSA, the US Department of Labor’s accident and prevention program has approved the Deckmate Ladder for trucks and trailers.

With a Deckmate Ladder you no longer have to use dirty or greasy tires to gain access to your trailer or tractor cargo. This will greatly reduce the accidents or injuries that could occur on the job. The Deckmate Ladder hooks right to your trailer; it is not a standalone and will not tip or fall over with the wind. Jumping off trailers can seriously injure your back, hip and knees, but with the Deckmate Ladder, jumping is no longer necessary. Company work injury claims are also reduced.

Deckmate Ladder for trucks and trailers with or without rub rails

The portable Deckmate Ladder will attach easily and quickly to the rub rail of any trailer. Trucks or trailers without a rub rail can purchase a bolt-on-bracket from Gateway Supply. The bracket mounts are two and half inches deep, so they will not interfere with loading docks you work with. You can also attach multiple brackets by bolting them to the trailer, giving you unlimited access to your load.

Don’t wait for a serious accident to happen, contact Gateway Supply today!

Don’t wait until you are injured from jumping down off your equipment and need surgery to repair you hip, knees or back. Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas is the U.S. distributor of the Deckmate Ladder and is ready to fill an order for you today. Contact us today at (806) 440-1126 with any questions you have or Contact Us via email.