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Six Truck Driver Safety Equipment Must-Haves

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022
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Truck drivers know that life on the road includes potentially dangerous situations. Truck breakdowns, accidents, load problems, or hazardous material spills happen quickly and require fast response. With the right truck driver safety equipment, you can prepare to handle any situation without endangering yourself, your truck, or others on the road.

#1: Emergency Kit

Personal safety starts with ensuring you don’t get hit by another motorist while tending to emergency truck problems. Your trucker safety emergency kit should include a reflective vest, orange cones, flags, flares, and other high visibility gear. After purchasing or receiving an emergency kit, read any instructional booklets to know how to properly use it before you need it.

#2: First Aid Kit

Commercial truck drivers will often travel without access to immediate medical care, so having a first aid kit onboard can save your life in a pinch. Cuts, scrapes, and other injuries require quick cleaning and covering to ensure less chance of infection. Higher-end first aid kits may include burn cream, compression bandages, tourniquets, and other materials useful for many situations.

#3: Safety Boots

Trucker safety remains a top concern regardless of what you’re transporting, including protective equipment for your feet. Safety boots come in various forms so you can have multiple types available for different situations. Most safety boots have a hard toe shield made of steel, aluminum, or composite material and offer protection from potentially hazardous or caustic chemicals.

#4: Safety Ladder

Often neglected when discussing truck driver safety equipment, a safety ladder makes the difference when you need to scale your flatbed or trailer. Safety ladders provide a stable, secure way for drivers to get on and off the bed of their truck, helping to prevent falls and other accidents. Additionally, safety ladders can also be used to access cargo on the flatbed.

The Deckmate Ladder has helped thousands of truckers enjoy safe, easy access to their loads without the fear of falling. Hooks secure the ladder to your trailer, and the ladder folds for easy storage.

#5: Truck Repair Gear

Whether you’re dragging a trailer or flatbed trucking, having jumper cables, extra fluids, and a tool kit lets you perform repairs on the go. Fluids like antifreeze, coolant, and extra oil keep for a long time and help you get to a service station when the warning lights come on. Tools like a flashlight, screwdriver, adjustable pliers, and a wrench set let you make easy repairs without worrying.

#6: Survival Kit

Sudden truck problems or bad driving conditions may strand you somewhere without the necessities. Pack an extra change of clothes, at least one gallon of drinking water, and non-perishable foods. While not a traditional piece of truck driver safety equipment, preparing for the worst means ensuring your health and comfort during an emergency.

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A lot goes into flatbed trucking, but the most important is safety. The Deckmate Ladder was designed by a professional driver to make your work safer. Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas, is the U.S. distributor of the Deckmate Ladder and is ready to fill an order for you today! Contact us today at 806-440-1126 with any questions you have or Send Us An Email.