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How To Properly Use A Safety Ladder

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

Trailer ladders are relatively simple tools to use. However, more than 100,000 people a year are treated for injuries from falling off a ladder, according to The Consumer Product Safety Commission. With such alarming numbers, you cannot assume your workers are familiar with their safety ladders.

Safety ladders can help your workers safely climb on or off their flatbed trailers, reach inventory in a warehouse, load cargo, or perform maintenance duties. To safely use ladders, your workers should know what type they need, the weight of their load, and how high they need to reach. The following are some tips to help you instruct your workers on how to safely and effectively use these important tools.

Ladder safety guidelines

Ladders should be inspected before anyone uses them. Look for hazards such as loose steps or nails, broken uprights, and damaged or worn nonslip bases. Slips and falls are likely to happen if grease, dirt, or other contaminants have built up on the steps or rails. For this reason, ladders should be cleaned regularly, even non-slip ladders. If a ladder has been broken, mark it clearly or get rid of it so no one else accidentally uses it.

Place the ladder on level ground and if you notice that it is unsteady, do not climb. When entering or exiting a truck, it is recommended that drivers maintain three points of contact. The same is true when using a trailer safety ladder. Take hold of the side rails and take one step at a time when you are moving up or down a ladder.

What not to do with safety ladders

Workers should never overextend as they attempt to reach a high location. If their center of gravity is outside the rails or above the top rung, they can lose balance and fall. The ladder should be repositioned if necessary or a taller one should be found. Never fasten multiple ladders together to reach higher locations as this can cause severe injury. If a worker must get to an area where the ladder cannot provide access, a hydraulic lift should be used instead.

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