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Important Things To Know About Flatbed Trucking

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022
Flatbed trucking

Trucking is a popular career choice, as more and more truck drivers are needed to transport goods across the country. If you are considering this line of work, here are some important things you need to know!

What Is Flatbed Trucking?

Flatbed trucking uses flatbed trailers, which are specifically designed to carry loads on the top of the trailer, rather than inside it. These types of trailers are used for hauling oversized or bulky cargo that is difficult to transport in other ways. The flat metal bed design with no sides or rails is necessary to accommodate the different varieties of massive cargo they haul.

You might see things like lumber, vehicles, heavy machinery, oversized pipes, tow trucks, mobile homes, and more being transported on a flatbed trailer. There’s nothing too large for flatbed hauling.

Loading And Securing Cargo

Because flatbeds carry cargo of various shapes and sizes, drivers are required to know how to successfully and safely transport their loads. This includes knowing how to properly load, secure, and unload cargo. The open design of the trailer makes it faster and easier to load and unload because there aren’t walls or other barriers in the way.

Knowing how to properly load a trailer is one of the most important skills flatbed drivers need to know, because if it’s done wrong, it could affect how you drive and transport the cargo.

Another crucial skill to know is how to secure your load. The department of transportation has strict guidelines on how to properly tie things down and what to use. If your cargo is not secure, something could fall off the trailer and onto vehicles behind you. Always check multiple times to make sure everything is secure before driving.

Safety Tips

Flatbed trucking is considered the most challenging and the most dangerous form of trucking, so knowing how to safely transport cargo is extremely important. One safety tip to remember as a truck driver is to always wear the right clothes and shoes. Invest in shoes that have a non-slip grip on them, so it’s easier to work in the rain or snow. Truck drivers work in every type of weather, so always come prepared.

Another thing to consider is where to pull over when you need to check your load, or have an emergency. Always stop at a rest stop or the nearest exit if you can make it. Emergencies happen where you may need to stop immediately on the side of the highway, but if you can avoid it, that would be safer. Stopping on the side of the highway is dangerous because other drivers don’t always pay attention or merge into the other lane. Every time you stop to fill up your truck, double check and make sure your cargo is still secure, so you don’t end up having to stop later.

Securing the cargo on the trailer is the most important part of the job, but it can also be dangerous. Truck drivers climb up and down the trailer which could result in falling, or hurting your knees or back. One way to safely do this is with the Deckmate ladder. It hooks on to the rub rails of the trailer and doesn’t budge. This is much safer than other ladders because it is secure and you don’t have to worry about the ladder slipping.

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