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How The Deckmate Ladder Meets MSHA Mining Safety Regulations

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) does not define a ladder, but they accept the dictionary’s definition. Their standards are categorized by being either fixed or portable. A fixed ladder is one that is permanently attached to equipment, a structure, or a building. A portable one can be moved from one location to another as it is not attached. One other type of ladder in their categories is the mobile equipment ladder. This type is not required to be offset or have railed landings.

The Deckmate ladder, a portable trailer safety ladder, falls within MSHA categories for acceptable ladders to use. These ladders are a safe solution for avoiding injuries or accidents when miners need to climb up or down from truck beds. They can also be used on flatbeds, straight truck beds, and vans.

Safety features of the Deckmate ladder

The Deckmate ladder has non-pinching hinges and mounts that reach twenty-two degrees, which is the appropriate angle for safe access to and from equipment and trailers. These ladders are constructed of lightweight, strong material, making them easy to transport and transfer between vehicles. They are also easy to store. The slip-resistant, anti-skid steps increase the safety of climbing up and down trailers.

Safety equipment regulations from MSHA

The MSHA regulations require specific safety equipment when mining. While they do not specify which ladders can be used, they do state the ladders must be adequately constructed and maintained for safety. This agency requires a safe means of access be provided for all mine workers in all areas, including equipment.

It is recommended to keep 3-point contact when using any ladder. This means that you have two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot, making contact with the ladder at all times. This safety measure reduces the chances of falling or slipping while accessing equipment.

Another safety requirement by MSHA for miners is that portable ladders have suitable bases. They must also be securely placed before a miner climbs or descends from equipment.

Where to get the Deckmate ladder

Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas is the U.S. distributor of the Deckmate Ladder. This device can be used on vehicles without a rub rail by using a bolt on a bracket. It is able to hold up to four-hundred pounds and features non-skid steps and a support bar with room for storage. If you would like to learn more about our products, call us today at (806) 440-1126 or Contact Us with any questions you may have.