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Flatbed Supplies Every Truck Driver Should Have Ready

Monday, January 28th, 2019
flatbed truck maintenance

Preparing for a long distance delivery is mandatory for most flatbed truckers at some point. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling regionally or nationwide, all commercial trucks need to be equipped with supplies essential for daily shipments and safety. It’s best to prepare for the unexpected, especially when travelling through areas with inclimate weather. Here are some everyday flatbed supplies every driver should have, as well as supplies to include in an emergency kit.

Everyday truck supplies

Road atlas

You should choose a road atlas that best suits your traveling lifestyle. It’s smart to buy one that is laminated (although they’re a bit more expensive) as this type of road atlas could last a lifetime. The hardened material of laminated versions can handle all spills that happen during travel. If your GPS stops working, a map or atlas can be extremely helpful. Most can be folded up to fit in small areas.

Dry erase markers or sticky notes

After choosing your road atlas, you should consider supplies for making notes. If you own a laminated road atlas, dry erase markers are an excellent option to write directions or other notes inside the guide. Once the delivery has been completed, you can erase the notes. Sticky notes are a great choice if you have a paper atlas, but make sure to add a good pen to your supplies to make notes.

Window cleaning wipes

It’s tough to drive long distance with a dirty windshield, so have window cleaning wipes available to clean the glass each day. This holds true on sunny days as dirt and smudges can distract you and make driving more difficult. The best approach is cleaning your windows each morning before beginning your drive. You can also use commercial glass cleaner.


An experienced trucker will tell you that it’s important to have a strong pair of gloves stored inside the cab of your flatbed truck. The main benefit of having gloves is keeping your hands warm in cold weather conditions. But, they can also protect your hands while fixing the truck or adjusting a load.

Shower bag

A shower bag is an ideal companion for a truck driver that needs to carry clothing, towels, and toiletries to a rest stop shower area. A bag can separate your clean clothes from dirty items that have been previously worn. A shower bag can also be used as storage for shampoo, soap, and other toiletries.


This suggestion is self-explanatory because if you don’t have a flashlight, you won’t be able to see at night while walking. Also, this tool comes in handy if you need some light while fixing your flatbed or adjusting a load. Be sure to carry batteries for your flashlight as well.

Water bottles

It’s important to stay hydrated while traveling on the road, even if you need to make more stops along the way. Spending all day driving requires sitting and water helps to keep the body functioning. It’s best to find a refillable water bottle that will help to save money and not take up any added space in the cab. You can buy gallons of water or larger containers as well.


A small to medium-sized cooler is helpful for long hauls. It can keep your food fresh and encourage you to eat healthier. You can snack on vegetables, fruits, and dips that are chilled to your liking. The best models are coolers with a soft outer surface, so it can be stored flat and not take up too much room inside the cab.

Safety supplies for flatbed truck drivers

Cargo securement tools

It’s important to have several tools to help secure the cargo on your flatbed trailer. Try to store binders, chains, and straps as these are the best items to keep cargo in place during transport. The goal of all truck drivers is to make sure their load is packed tightly and arrives safe.

Using these instruments eliminates any chance of an item moving while in transit. Straps are ideal because they will not permanently damage the cargo like chains. You tighten the cargo by threading through the trailer winch until the load is fully secured. If you’re transporting piping or other metals, then it’s best to use blocks and wedges to stabilize the cargo.

Emergency supplies

Having a kit with emergency supplies is vital for the safety of every trucker. Your kit should include basic items like:

  • Canned food
  • First aid supplies
  • Safety equipment like ladders and harnesses
  • A pocket knife
  • Tools like pliers, spanners, and screwdrivers
  • Flares and cones
  • A sleeping bag and extra blankets
  • A flashlight and batteries

You should also carry extra clothing, the contact information of your emergency contacts, and a backpack or large bag. Your kit can be customized for your needs and for the seasons or locations on your route.

Flatbed trailer ladder

Using the right safety equipment while loading and unloading your flatbed trailer can prevent slips, falls, and other accidents. Whether you drive in a fleet or own your own flatbed truck, you should ensure your equipment will keep you safe. You can use harnesses and other items while loading cargo, but these may not help you when checking a load during transport.

One of the best tools to have on hand to prevent emergencies is a trailer ladder. These can hooked on to the rub rails of a flatbed truck or other vehicle to let you safely access your load. You should pick a ladder that has grips on the steps to prevent slips and make sure the device can hold plenty of weight.

The Deckmate Ladder

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