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The Most Common Dangers Faced By Truck Drivers

Saturday, July 25th, 2020
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Driving a truck can be a dangerous job at times. From perilous driving scenarios to equipment dangers, truckers are typically keenly aware of what can go wrong and adapt accordingly. While each trucker may have their own variety of commonly encountered threats, here are the most typical dangers a trucker will encounter while on the job. 

Driving accidents

Trucks are large vehicles with massive blind spots that can be hard to maneuver. Driving a truck for an extended amount of time only increases the likelihood of a collision. The risk of an accident goes up even more at night time or during inclement weather.


Perhaps the most common danger that truckers face is that of fatigue. They typically face a deadline, or the payoff of the load will be greater when it is delivered in the least amount of time. As a result, many truckers push the limit on the time they spend awake and driving, leading to many a tired trucker. There have been many accidents caused by drowsy drivers, which is why there are federal mandates on the amount of time a trucker can drive consecutively.  

Muscle strain

Truckers can experience sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal injuries as a result of loading and unloading their cargo. However, they can also get these types of injuries from sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time. 

Roadside Injuries

When doing field repairs or servicing their vehicles on the side of the road, truckers are at high risk for injury. Either they may experience a malfunction, or a passing vehicle may not give the truck enough room. There can be a fire hazard from any spillage of flammable substances. 


Especially common with flatbed trucks are falls. The bed of a flatbed truck can be up to 13 feet off the ground, making for a steep and dangerous fall if a trucker should slip while loading or unloading cargo. 

Hazardous cargo

The cargo that a trucker hauls can be hazardous. Depending on the nature of the cargo, there can be a risk of fire, explosions, or chemical burns caused by cargo such as explosives or chemical substances. Regular exposure to toxic substances can also result in a condition called dermatitis. And with biohazard, there may also be an increased risk of adverse effects with long-term exposure that comes with transporting it as cargo. 

Long-Term Damage to Physical Health

Common physical ailments that are incurred as a result of trucking and manifest as long-term damage is hearing loss. The prolonged exposure to sounds louder than 80 decibels on a consistent basis can erode a person’s hearing and cumulate in a hearing loss. 

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