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9 Tips To Help You Find Flatbed Trailer Safety Solutions

Friday, November 10th, 2017
prevent slips and falls with the Deckmate Ladder

Shopping for flatbed trailer safety systems can be challenging, as you will find many options offered online and in stores. Looking through all of the choices may be difficult when you have to narrow your search to match your specific equipment. To locate the right solution that will be ideal for your needs, you should consider which types of safety systems work for you. When you start searching for the best safety solutions for your operations, the following nine tips can help.

Understand your processes

The safety expert you choose to work with should fully know your site’s working processes. They will need this information to choose equipment that will not get in the way of your loading or unloading procedures. This information will also help them select equipment that will not interfere with your spotting or driving maneuvers. You will want a system that enhances your operations, not interferes with them. If you have a safety manager on your team, be sure they are up-to-date on all of your procedures.

Consider the loads

You should consider the specific loads your drivers transport, as well as the unique hazards that each can pose. Think about the variety of sizes and shapes of all shipments and the different needs these will require to ensure they travel safely. You can ask your drivers for their opinions as well to conduct a well-rounded analysis.

Know industry standards

Specific industries have their safety guidelines, and some are even stricter than OSHA rules. Your safety expert on safety solutions should know these guidelines and be able to design your systems accordingly. Following industry standards means adhering to regulations, as well as providing your drivers with up-to-date safety equipment.

Understand power requirements

The safety solution you need may be a moving system, which will require power. When planning all operations, consider that your budget may be impacted by an increase in energy use.

Know the height of your loads

The height of your loads will have an impact on your safety equipment choices. The height variations on loads will determine the different flatbed fall prevention equipment needed. Some safety solutions, like portable flatbed trailer ladders, work well in most loading and unloading situations.

Be aware of all variances

Both you and your safety expert should understand variances between truck sizes and configurations. You do not want to cause gaps through which a worker could fall and be seriously injured. You may want to think about a moveable solution to meet your safety standards if variances occur often in your operations.

Provide safe access to your trucks

Accessing trailers and trucks is an area of concern for many drivers and fleet operators. It is when drivers are climbing on and off their trailers that falls are likely to occur. Your safety solution will need to include safe access at all possible locations.

Evaluate traffic flow and site layout

If your facility has a lack of space that limits traffic flow due to its layout, discuss a customized solution with your safety expert. An inadequate amount of maneuverable space could prevent some safety solutions from functioning correctly.

Understand local weather conditions

The safety expert working with you on your systems will need to consider the weather conditions in your area and how they will impact your operations. Solutions should fit with these conditions, so equipment is adaptable and functional no matter what the weather brings.

Flatbed trailer safety with the Deckmate Ladder

The best tip when considering which safety equipment to purchase for your site is to make sure it will work for your unique business. Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas is the distributor of the Deckmate Ladder. This ladder will ensure safe operations when moving loads on flatbed trailers and prevent injuries from jumping off trailers, heavy equipment, or vans. Call us today at (806) 440-1126 to find out how you can make this ladder a part of your safety equipment solution. You can also Contact Us by email to find out more about how we can help you.