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9 Dangers Truck Drivers Should Know How To Avoid

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
flatbed truck driver trailer safety tips

If you’re a truck driver, then it isn’t news to you that driving a commercial truck can be a difficult and dangerous job. Truck driving is not only dangerous for drivers, but also for other people on the road. Here are some safety tips to keep you and other drivers safe behind the wheel.

Dangers behind the wheel

When people think of the dangers associated with commercial trucks, they often think of major accidents and dangerous drivers. Some of the most common things to watch out for while driving a truck include fatigue, distractions, and speed.

1. Fatigued driving

Every year there are new studies that compare driving while tired to driving while intoxicated. From scientists to truck drivers, everyone agrees that driving while tired is dangerous. When you haven’t had enough rest, your reaction time is slowed, your comprehension is impaired, and operating a vehicle becomes more dangerous.

If you’re tired and your body feels exhausted, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel. If your truck is equipped with a cabin, use it when needed. Even napping for thirty minutes to an hour can improve your comprehension and reaction time.

2. Driving while distracted

Similar to driving tired, distracted driving is another common danger truck drivers face. Many people are guilty of checking their texts or alerts while they are driving their car. To control distracted driving, you should do two things. First, get a hands-free device like a Bluetooth earpiece or speaker. Second, put your phone away at all times while driving. Using your device isn’t worth the dangers it presents while one the road.

3. Driving too fast

Another easy and dangerous habit to fall into is speeding. It is normal to drive a little faster when you’re under pressure to make deadlines and deliveries. However, it takes a commercial truck a lot longer to slow down and stop than a passenger car.

4. Delivering in a dangerous area

Not all of your stops will be in the safer areas of a town. Many of them will be in an industrial or commercial zone that is known for crime. Stay alert and stay safe. Remember, there is nothing in your truck that is worth your life.

5. Not doing a full circle check

You are the number one stop for the safe operation of your truck. That means you should operate it safely and inspect it often. Make sure it is in good operating condition by completing all required safety checks.

Dangers outside the truck

Not all dangers are behind the wheel. Many can be found when you’re offloading or otherwise working outside your truck.

6. Pinning up the trailer

Do not ever go under your trailer. If you do need to go under, to remove a pin lock for example, then back your truck’s frame under the trailer. If the landing gear stops working, the truck frame can hold it up, giving you valuable time to move away.

7. Not staying aware while loading and unloading

You are the best person to watch out for your safety. When you’re working in loading docks, parking lots, or truck yards, pay attention to your surroundings and your safety zones. You should also make sure others are aware of what you are doing so they can stay safe.

8. Climbing onto the truck or trailer roof

Use a trailer safety ladder if you have to climb onto your trailer. It is remarkably easy to lose your footing and suffer a serious or even fatal injury. You may only be three or four feet off the ground, but one fall could result in a broken arm, leg, or serious head injury. Climbing up and down without a ladder isn’t worth the risk. The best ladders are portable, lightweight, and sturdy and will keep you safe and help you be more efficient.

9. Be careful of airbags

Airbags can settle and squish you if you’re working under your truck. Make sure you always have another person with you if you need to perform work under your vehicle for any reason.

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