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8 Must-Have Supplies For Every Trucker’s Tool Kit

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
Flatbed trucking

One of the benefits of becoming a professional truck driver is the professional freedom you will have. Truckers can drive with a fleet trucking firm or be their own boss as an owner-operator. There are many opportunities for hard-working drivers in the trucking industry. That could mean traveling cross-country or delivering cargo locally. It’s important to drive in comfort, but that may be a difficult task, especially when deciding which items work best for you. Here are some must-have supplies that will work well for most truckers.

Six-gallon water jugs

Many truckers fail to realize how important it is to have access to fresh, clean water, especially on long hauls. You can use fresh water for maintaining good hygiene, to cool down a hot radiator, or for keeping yourself hydrated. It is important to have several six-gallon water jugs available inside your truck while traveling for any amount of time.

One-gallon water jugs can be purchased at most gas stations, supermarkets, and various truck stops, but experienced truckers prefer six-gallon jugs. Six-gallon water jugs come in many shapes, which makes for easy storage inside the cab. For long trips, it makes sense to have a six-gallon water jug in the passenger seat.

A strong pair of work gloves

Most of your work as a truck driver may not require hard labor or dealing with dangerous materials. But, it’s important to protect your hands at all times. A good pair of work gloves will help you do this. Cowhide leather is a reliable material for comfort and dexterity.

Space blankets

Space isn’t usually the best word to describe the inside of a truck cab. Storing a space blanket is a smart choice, even life-saving during a cold, frigid winter night. Space blankets are an essential safety tool because they can reflect your body heat instead of letting the heat escape from the area. A space blanket’s efficiency to keep you warm is much better than a traditional cloth blanket. Plus, these items are compact, lightweight, and can be stored anywhere inside the cab.


While traveling long distances, truckers feel it’s important to have audiobooks available to listen to for entertainment. These can help you stay alert and focused while behind the wheel. Plus, audiobooks make traveling more enjoyable. Music is great, but you could fall into the trap of hearing the same song over and over again. Due to safety concerns, using audiobooks is a great alternative because the choices are endless and they can be hands-free. It might be best to join an audiobook club, so you have an unlimited amount of titles available.

A bluetooth headset

Staying safe on the road protects truckers and other drivers from getting into dangerous accidents. Distracted driving causes many truck accidents, so it is best to focus only on the road. Being able to answer and make phone calls is important for work and personal matters, so using a hands-free device and bluetooth headset is important.

Ratchet or winch straps

Experienced truckers feel it is important to have many straps inside their tool kit for long road trips. Besides tying down heavy cargo, both ratchet and winch straps have other important uses in the trucking industry. Ratchet straps are operated solely by a hand crank that adjusts the leverage tension on larger loads inside the cargo area. You want to pack several ratchet or winch straps inside your tool kit for optimal safety.

Corner protectors

Corner protectors are a often a necessary tool in tying down cargo inside the truck. These supplies are manufactured in a variety of different materials. The most common styles are plastic and rubber. They will extend the life of a ratchet or winch strap, while reducing the amount of damage done to the cargo. Steel and metal corner protectors are ideal for cargo that has a delicate surface.

Trailer ladders

Too often, truckers become frustrated with standard ladders that blow over in high-wind weather conditions. The Deckmate Ladder doesn’t have this problem because it’s designed with safety in mind. The rub rails can be easily hooked to sit away from the trailer without affecting the load. This trailer ladder is made of steel, can hold up to 400 pounds, and comes equipped with non-skid steps. The Deckmate Ladder has been used in the mining and trucking industries, by the government, the military, and by many trucking companies.

Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas is the U.S, distributor of the Deckmate Ladder. This trailer ladder can be used on vehicles without a rub rail by using a bolt on a bracket. If you would like to learn more about our ladder and bolt on brackets, call us at (806) 440-1126 or Contact Us by email with any questions you may have.