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8 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Truck Driver In Your Life

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018
gifts that will make truck driver in your life happy and safer

The goal for any birthday or holiday season is to buy the perfect gift for that special someone. Buying a gift for a truck driver can be difficult. Because of their busy schedules, they may not even be home for their birthday or during the holiday season. Sometimes it’s better to get a practical gift rather than something unique or decorative. A greater appreciation can be gained if the gift is useful at work. Here is a look at eight gifts for the semi-truck driver in your life, including some made for efficiency, comfort, and safety.

GPS devices designed

A GPS device is a great gift for regional and Over The Road (OTR) semi-truck drivers who travel through different states on a weekly basis. Most smartphones have a built-in GPS navigation app, but they lack the specific tools that are instrumental for semi-truck drivers. Trucking GPS comes with specific mapping designed for commercial vehicles. This GPS accounts for the truck’s load size, height, and weight and includes commercial vehicle road restrictions. Purchasing the correct GPS device could make life much easier for the truck driver in your life.

Shower caddy

A shower caddy isn’t the most expensive present, but it’s ideal for semi-truck drivers who are traveling continuously. The style of shower caddies available on the market are unique and they come in all shapes and sizes. Before choosing a shower caddy, try to gauge the amount of space available inside the truck’s cab to help determine the right size. It would be an excellent gesture to fill the shower caddy with body wash, shampoo, and a quick-dry towel as well.

Satellite radio service

Purchasing a subscription to a satellite radio service like XM Radio is a perfect gift for truck drivers. This service offers fun and safe entertainment for those traveling across the country or in town. Usually, subscriptions run $30 for six months of service, but you may get better deals during the holiday season.

Electric blanket

An electric blanket is a very useful tool to warm the body while sleeping inside the cab of the truck, especially during winter. There are many different styles of electric blankets available on the market. The ideal choice may be a 12-volt model or a battery-operated electric blanket. Federal, state, and local laws vary on idling a vehicle on the side of the road. In some areas, an electric blanket may be the driver’s only source of warmth.

Tire pressure monitor

A terrific gift for a semi-truck driver is a tire pressure monitor, because they can track air pressure on a daily basis to maintain safety on the road. It can also help to prevent wear-and-tear on the treads of the tires caused by driving on low pressure. Purchasing a quality tire pressure monitor can be more expensive than other gifts. However, it could save the driver money in the future and maybe even prevent an accident from happening.

Bluetooth headset

Handling and talking on a cellphone while operating a truck is dangerous and a leading cause of accidents. In some states, it’s an unlawful act and violators could serve time in jail. To make a semi-truck driver’s life safer and easier, purchase a hands-free Bluetooth headset as a gift.

Seat cushion

Sitting in one position for an extended period of time can get uncomfortable. A seat cushion offers truck drivers extra comfort during long shifts on the road. Try researching a few different seat cushions before making a decision. Some models even come with a massage feature.

Portable trailer safety ladder

You can’t go wrong with getting someone a gift that enhances their safety. A major threat to truck drivers is becoming injured while getting on or off of their trailer. An excellent solution is a portable trailer safety ladder. These devices are everyday tools used by many commercial vehicle drivers across the country. Before making your purchase, try to get a better understanding of the different types of ladders available and their features.

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