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5 Trailer Safety Systems: Which Is Right For You?

Monday, December 30th, 2019
truck safety

There is a variety of safety equipment available on the market to protect workers from trailer falls. Workers who fall from flatbed trucks can be seriously injured and some even die from their injuries. Taking a proactive approach to safety can protect you and your workers from serious flatbed falls.

The best solution for preventing workers from falling off flatbed trucks is for them to avoid climbing onto trailers at all. However, there are other safety measures you can take to help prevent flatbed falls when this is not possible. The following are five strategies you can choose from to ensure a safer workplace for your drivers.

Harness systems

OSHA guidelines recommend harness systems to arrest a fall. The worker is connected to a lifeline or lanyard by a harness they wear that is attached to an anchor point. The purpose of the harness is to prevent the worker from hitting the ground should they fall.

Net systems

Safety nets can also be used as either a temporary or permanent solution. They act to catch a worker before they hit the ground. OSHA standards provide a specific method for using nets so they create a barrier to stop a worker from hitting the ground when they fall.

Tarp systems

Overhead tarping systems are a safe method to use and are able to cover an entire flatbed trailer. With an overhead tarping system you can eliminate the risk of walking or standing on the trailer.

These tarping systems are rather simple to use. You connect the tarp to a spreader bar that is suspended from an overhead track. The worker can then use a hand-held control winch to move the tarp across the trailer load.

Handrail systems

You can turn a flatbed into a guarded platform by incorporating handrail systems. Portable handrails can prevent workers from falling or keep them stable while they are moving around the surface of the trailer. These systems can either be installed right onto the flatbed trailer or adjacent to the trailer. If your worker slips or trips, they can catch themselves before falling to the ground.

Portable trailer ladders

The Deckmate ladder has been specially designed to keep workers and drivers safe. These ladders attach to a flatbed trailer and other various heavy equipment at an approximate 22-degree angle. The ladders allow safe access to loads and eliminate the need for a driver to jump from the trailer. When the need to jump is eliminated, the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

Once you have chosen a strategy for preventing falls, you need to make sure all of your workers understand and use the equipment correctly. The Deckmate ladder easily hooks onto existing rub rails. If your trailer does not have a rub rail, there is a bracket made specifically for the ladder to attach to that can be purchased separately. These ladders have a proven record for reducing work site injuries and have been approved by MHSA.

Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas

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