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3 Ways Flatbed Truck Drivers Can Improve Fall Prevention And Safety

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
Fall Prevention

Preventing slips and falls from flatbed trailers is vital to safety and to your ability to continue working. Sometimes safety methods and plans become outdated, which means your could be putting yourself or your drivers at risk. Whether you are taking a proactive approach or looking to prevent a second accident, these strategies can help you improve your safety and fall prevention methods.

Evaluate your current safety protocols and systems

If you own a company, or even if you use your own flatbed trailer for transportation, you should always evaluate your safety measures. You can start by looking at the equipment you use to see if they are still efficient and in working order. You can also assess whether you have all safety tools and equipment needed to get your job done efficiently.

Speak with safety equipment vendors

Many trucking companies or individuals only follow OSHA regulations, which is sometimes not enough to prevent dangerous slips and falls. Although this organization’s standards should be followed, there may be extra steps or equipment you could be using to stay safe.

Companies who sell safety equipment are just as concerned about safety standards as you. They can offer a new perspective for your workplace safety and will recommend the best products for your exact needs.

Use the proper safety equipment

There is a lot of equipment on the market today to help make your flatbed trailer loading and unloading safe. Many of these items are portable, but you should be sure you are getting the right equipment for you.

Handrail systems

When you have to stand on the surface of your flatbed, a handrail system will help to prevent falls off the side of the trailer. These systems change the flatbed surface area into a guarded platform. Should you slip, the guardrail will allow you to grab onto something and regain your balance. The ability to stabilize yourself on your flatbed trailer may prevent more serious accidents. Handrail systems for your flatbed trailer can be portable and easily removed to use on different vehicles.

OSHA harness systems

Harness systems used by following OSHA guidelines are another option to prevent falls from a flatbed trailer. First, you attach the safety harness to your body. Then connect a lanyard or lifeline to a secure anchor point. This harness system safely stops your body before you hit the ground during a fall.

Flatbed trailer safety net system

A safety net can be used as a fall arrest system. The net can be temporarily attached to an off-truck area such as a wall or other secure area. When securing the net, make sure it is connected to an object or area that can withstand your weight. OSHA has standards to follow when using this type of safety equipment so the net will become a barrier to prevent you from hitting the ground.

Tarping systems

Accidents resulting from falls off flatbed trailers can be prevented if you don’t climb onto the trailer in the first place. There are over-head tarping systems that are able to cover your entire flatbed trailer and eliminate the need for you to climb onto it. With the use of a spreader bar, the tarp can be suspended from an overhead track and moved to cover your load. Tarping systems are able to cover your complete shipment while you remain on the ground.

Deckmate trailer safety ladder

The Deckmate Ladder is a portable and easy-to-use flatbed trailer safety system that can easily attach to the rub rail of your trailer. This ladder has been approved by MHSA and the United States Department of Labor’s prevention of accident program. The Deckmate Ladder makes it safer for you to climb up or down from your flatbed trailer, railroad car, oil truck, or other elevated transportation vehicle.

When you jump from the flatbed trailer surface or other elevated vehicle, you create high impact force on your joints. Land with this much force puts you at risk of slipping or falling and injuring yourself. Climbing safely up and down a safety ladder can prevent these injuries and missed time from work.

Get the best flatbed trailer safety ladder for your needs

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