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3 Tips To Avoid Common Trailer Safety Risks

Friday, September 30th, 2016
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Falling off a flatbed truck can result in serious injury or death. Not all companies provide trailer safety procedures or have strategies in place for fall protection. Many companies do not implement safety measures against falls until after they have had a serious accident. There are three common safety risk factors that increase the chances of a serious flatbed trailer fall. Knowing and understanding these trailer safety risks, like limited workspace and unstable surfaces, can help companies implement safety measures before an accident happens.

Handling Limited Workspace

When a worker has limited space to secure tarps to a trailer, their working environment becomes dangerous. There are times when only a few feet exist between two flatbed trucks that are parked next to each other. When this limited workspace is created, the risk of a trailer fall increases.

The Deckmate Ladder reduces the risk of falling from a trailer when workspace is limited. The Deckmate Ladder also allows you to safely climb up onto the flatbed instead of using greasy and dirty tires. You will be able to safely reach the bed of the trailer without the risk of falling by easily hooking the ladder onto existing rub-rails.

Dealing With Irregular Loads

There are often loads placed on flatbeds that are of irregular shape and size. Some of these loads may stick out, like pipes or logs, and others might be large or bulky. Many times these loads are covered with tarps, making it difficult to maneuver around them. Whether a small load or a large one, it is difficult and dangerous for anyone to safely move around irregular loads.

The Deckmate Ladder will allow you to safely reach items on a flatbed trailer and allow a safe way for you to get off the trailer. These trailer ladders will also eliminate dangerous jumps that could have a serious impact on joints.

Avoiding Unstable Or Slippery Surfaces

Workers are often forced to walk on top of their trailer to secure a load. Most loads are not consistent in shape, so this can increase their risk of slipping or falling. Tarping is the most dangerous part of a flatbed trucker’s job. Waking over what could be a slippery and uneven load while carrying a heavy tarp puts them at a very high risk for injury or even death.

The Deckmate Ladder allows easier access to a trailer load by hanging at a convenient angle and hooking onto the rub rails. You can easily access loads and get on and off trailers safely with this ladder system. These trailer ladders do not slide or tip, staying securely in place where attached.

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