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3 Pros And Cons Of Flatbed Trucking

Monday, October 4th, 2021
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Most trucks you see on the highway transporting cargo are enclosed trailers. For bigger cargo, you will see it being transferred on a flatbed truck. Flatbed trucking is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, skill, and attention to detail to successfully secure cargo on a flatbed trailer.


This occupation has a diverse set of pros and cons. The list below covers some basics about the job, so you can see what might be in store for you if you choose to enter this line of work.


Flatbed Trucking Pros



Travel is the biggest pro of flatbed trucking work. Your vehicle will be your home away from home. You get to travel all across North America, seeing beautiful scenery and experiencing different terrain, cultures, people, and foods everyday. Flatbed drivers are often on the road more than they are at home.



Because flatbed trucking requires a CDL license and specific skills, it can be one of the highest paying jobs in the trucking industry. The higher the risk, the higher the pay. Flatbed truck drivers make around $13,000 more per year than other truck drivers.


Job Security 

Driving requires skills that are always in demand. The supply for truck drivers is never enough to meet the demands of all companies that need haulers, so this job will never go away. This means you will have guaranteed work for as long as you want to do the job.


Flatbed Trucking Cons


More Dangerous

One con of flatbed trucking is how dangerous it is. You have a lot of power and heavy equipment. Drivers that transport heavy cargo such as lumber, pipes, and machinery need to have extensive training, skill, and experience to safely and successfully haul these loads. Heavy cargo makes it harder to drive and control your trailer. One wrong move, and an accident could happen.

Not only is heavy cargo dangerous while driving, but it can be dangerous in the loading and unloading process. After everything is loaded, make sure it’s secure enough to endure the long drive ahead. When it comes time to unload, be very cautious because the cargo could have shifted during the drive. If you’re not careful, this could cause the heavy cargo to fall off of the trailer, resulting in injury.

Flatbed truckers also have to be mindful of where they choose to park their truck. Because flatbed trailers aren’t enclosed, it’s always a possibility that something could happen to the cargo on the trailer, especially if it is not properly secured.


No room for errors 

Flatbed drivers are expected to work within very strict deadlines. You must deliver your cargo on time, or you could lose valuable contracts with companies that need your services.

Because truck driving is so dangerous, it is important for truck drivers to drive as safely as they can, and make sure everything is secure, so they don’t get pulled over. Not only can poor driving hurt your driving record, it could harm other drivers, and cause you to be late delivering or picking up a load. If you take the proper precautions, you are less likely to get stopped, and you will make it to your destination on time.


It can get lonely

Driving a truck can be very solitary and lonely. You will spend hours alone in the cab of your rig, seeing only signs and scenery along the way. When you do stop for any length of time, it is usually to sleep or eat. There are some truck stops that offer entertainment, including bars and casinos.


Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas

Like any job, being a flatbed trucker has its pros and cons, but the money can be very good in this profession if you work hard for it. We at Gateway Supply admire and support flatbed truck drivers! If you are looking for more information and accessories to make your flatbed truck even easier and safer to work with, contact us. You can also call us at 806-440-1126 if you have any questions about our safety ladders.