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4 Approaches To Consider When Testing Safety Equipment

Thursday, November 9th, 2017
The best flatbed trailer safety ladder from Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas

When it is time to test your safety equipment, you want to take a serious approach to your methods for the sake of your entire company. Safety checks are required to ensure that your company’s risk exposure is minimized, and that the value of your equipment is maximized. Cutting corners or attempting to trust that one type of test will work across the board could put your company at risk for serious injuries. You should consult with a vendor who understands your needs and will tailor safety solutions to meet them. You can help protect your truck drivers by analyzing hazards and job safety and knowing the value in upgrading your equipment, among other approaches.

Begin with analysis of hazards and job safety

Assess your company’s safety concerns and your equipment to see if there are any identifiable issues regarding operations. The assessment should involve a step-by-step analysis to gather information regarding any safety concerns that may exist due to improper procedures or faulty equipment. If your drivers do not know how to use their safety equipment, this would be a good time to train them.

The value of upgrading equipment

As you test your safety equipment and methods to evaluate your needs, know that the costs involved with improvements will benefit your company. Upgrades to your equipment can increase your safety standards and help you reach required internal standards. These improvements will lower your risks of citations as well, which can become expensive. When you look at the costs of upgrading equipment or implementing new programs, consider the actual value you will receive from these changes.

When you perform proper and timely safety evaluations, you keep on top of any issues before they result in serious injuries. Communicating with a professional about your options will also keep you up to date on any required changes your company will be expected to follow.

Keep the best interests of your employees in mind

Not only will performing safety checks and improvements save you money, they will keep your employees safe from injury. Improvements will also reduce downtimes that can result from accidents. You do not want to cut corners, because that could result in accidents, safety hazards, or even death. You need to keep your employees best interests at the forefront of all decisions you make regarding changes and improvements to your safety equipment. When your employees come first, you make a statement that you value the people working for your company.

Trailer safety ladders can keep your drivers safe

Many flatbed truck drivers are at risk of falls and injury due to improper safety equipment on their trucks. Some methods, like maintaining three-point contact, do protect drivers when the are climbing on and off trailers. However, a more reliable option would be to include safety equipment on each of your trucks.

One type of this equipment is a trailer safety ladder, like the Deckmate Ladder. which attaches to the rub rails of the trailer. This trailer ladder is portable, weighing only twenty pounds, and can be used throughout the year. Safety features of this ladder include non-slip grips, a support bar, and a strong, steel construction. The Deckmate ladder is also affordable, so you can give one to all of your drivers to ensure their safety.

Where to get the Deckmate Ladder

Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas is the U.S. distributor of the Deckmate Ladder. These portable trailer ladders offer safe and easy access to flatbed trailers. They also work well on reefers, vans, dump trucks, and other heavy equipment. These ladders have been designed to help drivers safely access their trailers with their light weight, yet heavy duty construction. Contact Us by email today or call us at (806) 440-1126 to learn more about our Deckmate ladders.