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10 Important Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017
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Truck drivers tend to be in a hurry, and this is just the nature of the industry. There are many miles to cover and loads to be delivered with deadlines to meet. When you drive a vehicle as large as a tractor-trailer, you are responsible for the safety of those on the road and yourself. The following are ten truck driving safety tips that you can use a general guideline when you are on the road.

Common judgement

The first tip is one that you already use and is known as good judgment. You can do this by staying aware of your surroundings and being mindful of what is happening in front of, behind, and beside your truck. Use your electronic logbook to ensure you are well rested and driving at your professional best.

Watch for high-traffic peaks

When you have some flexibility in your schedule, you should arrange to unload during slower periods of traffic. The less traffic you have to come in contact with, the less risk of accidents you will run into.

Be more aware during night travel

Driving at night always provides more challenges, because you cannot see the surrounding area as well as during the day. Use even more caution with your nighttime driving than you do during the daytime. Be more alert and move slower and with more awareness. You should always try to be as familiar as possible with the area you’re driving through for optimum safety.

Stay in your lane

It is safer for you to remain in your lane as much as possible. The risk of accidents increases when you change lanes. As you enter bigger cities, choose the second lane from the right and remain inside of it throughout city traffic when possible. Car drivers often like to hug the right lane and dodge between the cars while switching lanes. Staying inside of one lane and not joining into this constant changing will make you the safer driver on the road.

Watch your speed

Your rig is not going to handle curves and corners like the compact vehicles that fill the roadways today. Make sure you are correctly reducing your speed for upcoming curves and turns. There may be times you feel your speed is slowing down the rest of traffic, but you should remember that safety comes first. Do not worry about the traffic behind you and make sure your are following safety tips and the rules of the road.

Take breaks

Stop every once in awhile and stretch to keep your mind alert and focused. Breaks are an excellent time to take a walk around your rig and perform a quick safety check of your equipment as well. If you are driving a flatbed, this would be a good time to recheck the security of your load. Take a look to make sure there are no leaks and your tires are not soft. You should be careful when maneuvering around your trailer. Use a flatbed trailer ladder to help you get on and off your trailer safely.

Be aware of weather conditions

Always be aware of the weather you are driving through and prepare accordingly. Keep an eye on the temperatures, check local weather reports, and watch the road surfaces for changing conditions.

Know the area surrounding delivery

Many drivers choose to ignore this safe driving tip. It is an important one and should be taken seriously, because it can reduce your risk of accidents. Check out the area where you are expected to place your truck for unloading. Make sure there aren’t any obstacles in your way to the loading dock and that you will not be blocking fire hydrants. Just driving up to a loading area could cause you to be placed in a hazardous situation.

Keep a safe distance from vehicles

Keep a buffer zone or a safe distance from the vehicles driving in front of you. Most things that can happen on the road will happen ahead of you. Keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you gives you time to react and stop or slow down more quickly.

Use a trucker’s GPS

Using a trucker’s GPS will give you the information needed for where you are driving. These devices will tell you which exit numbers to watch for, how far you are from your next turn, traffic reports, and much more. Using a GPS provides you with vital information about your trip to keep you prepared, aware, and safe.

Safety is a vital element in any workplace. When it comes to loading or unloading flatbed trailers, The Deckmate Ladder is a safe and effective solution for preventing slips and falls. If you would like more information about trailer safety, contact Gateway Supply in Pampa, Texas today. You can call us at (806) 440-1126 or Contact Us by email to learn more about our flatbed trailer safety ladders.