Deckmate Ladder From 
Gateway Supply
Easy And Safe Access 
On And Off Flatbed Trailers, Vans, Reefers, Dump Trucks And Semi-Trailers With Or Without Rub Rails

The Deckmate Ladder is a portable ladder, designed for your easy access on or off your trucks and trailers.  The Deckmate Ladder works with flatbed trailers, vans, reefers, dump trucks and semi-trailers.  The Deckmate portable trailer ladder is compatible with trucks and trailers with or without rub rails.  Made of steel, this heavy duty, yet lightweight (only 20 pounds) portable trailer ladder will hold up to 400 pounds. The 53 inch long Deckmate Ladder folds up for easy storage and is only 33 inches long when folded.  The Deckmate portable ladder is a necessary addition for your flatbed trailers, vans, reefers, and semi-trailers making climbing on and off trailers safer for all drivers and cargo handlers. Its unique design lets you climb on or off your trailer at a safe working angle, helping to reduce the possibility injuries. The Deckmate Ladder is great to have when you need to get to the lower deck of a drop deck trailer. The Deckmate portable truck and trailer ladder quickly and easily attaches to the rub rail of any trailer for sturdy and safe access to the trailer, even in wind or on uneven surfaces. The Deckmate Ladder from Gateway Supply has slip resistant steps, comes with a support bar for additional safety and includes a non-pinch hinge design for added safety.

Deckmate Ladder support brackets for trucks and trailers without rub rails

For trucks and trailers without a rub rail, Gateway Supply offers a bolt-on bracket specifically designed for the Deckmate Ladder that can be purchased separately. These bracket work great for dump trucks and straight trucks and trailers.  Multiple brackets can be bolted to a trailer giving you virtually unlimited access to your load. The bracket mounts are only 2 and 1/2 inches deep to avoid interfering with loading docks.

Deckmate Ladders from Gateway Supply are approved by the US Department of Labor and recommended by satisfied customers world wide

The Deckmate Ladder for trucks and trailers from Gateway Supply has been approved by MHSA, the US Department of Labor’s accident prevention program. Since 2005, the Deckmate truck and flatbed trailer portable ladder has been used by the U.S. Government, including all branches of the military. Other satisfied Deckmate Ladder clients include: railroad companies, oilfield companies, power companies and numerous trucking companies

Watch this video on the ease of installation and use of the Deckmate Ladder from Gateway Supply